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Galicia is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean in three of its four provinces and also holds the title of the country of a thousand rivers. That is why seafood and fishing have always been related to our gastronomy.

"Galicia has its own fruits, and these are the ones it must present to the world.”

Manuel Murguía


The richness of Galician gastronomy is based on its countless typical dishes made with the freshest and most authentic Galician products. Here we highlight some of them:

Wheat or corn dough that is traditionally stuffed with tuna, cod, meat, mixed with peppers, onion and tomato, before being baked to perfection.


The traditional recipe «Pulpo á Feira» is as simple as it is ancient. The octopus is boiled in a copper pot, once cooked it is cut into slices, seasoned with paprika, rock salt and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.


It is a winter dish. It consists of lacón (pork shoulder), turnip greens, potatoes and chorizo, all cooked together.

Lacón con grelos

A hearty dish that combines various meats (such as pork, chicken, and beef) with chickpeas, cabbage and potatoes. It is cooked slowly to allow the flavors to blend.

Cocido gallego

Galicia is famous for its mussels, which are often steamed to appreciate the flavor of the sea or marinated in vinaigrette. Their 'tigers' version is served with a spicy tomato sauce.


A beef stew with potatoes. It is left slowly on the fire until the meat is tender, and the broth is thick and tasty. A drizzle of oil and a little paprika and it's ready.

Carne ao caldeiro

Galician seafood is varied and of high quality, from langoustines and crayfish to prawns and barnacles, often steamed and served with a squeeze of lemon.


A dish of yesteryear highly valued in the monasteries that dominated feudal Galicia. It consists of free-range chicken, slowly stewed with herbs and white wine until tender and full of flavor.

Galo de corral

This river fish is traditionally prepared in a stew with red wine, peppers, and onions, sometimes accompanied by rice.


These mollusks are often served in their shells, baked with a layer of breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley, being an emblematic dish of Galicia, and closely linked to the Camino de Santiago.


These peppers vary in flavor from sweet to hot and are usually grilled, giving Galician dishes a touch of color and flavor.

Pimientos de Herbón, Arnoia, Oímbra

Galician olive oils, with their fresh and fruity flavor, are generously used in Galician cuisine, whether for cooking, seasoning or simply for dipping bread.

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