Amigos da cociña galega

Our purpose


The origin of the Association de Amigos da Cociña Galega was to promote and preserve our rich gastronomic tradition. The castrexa culture, the Romanization, the Camino de Santiago, the connections with the New World… our culinary culture has been adapting and shaping over the centuries resulting in a very rich and varied ‘menu’.

Our geographical location, our customs and, undoubtedly, the products that nature has always provided us with make our recipes unique. Seafood, fish, meat, vegetables, dairy products… are the basis of everything. They are what make us unique in the world. They are what define our gastronomy, our culture.

“Galician mussels are undoubtedly the best in the world, with their taste of sea and salt, seaweed and rock. ”

Álvaro Cunqueiro


In 2004, in an Extraordinary Assembly that took place in Santiago de Compostela, the statutes of the Association were adjusted since the Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22nd, which regulates the Right of Association. And in them are redefined, although in essence they maintain the same spirit of the origin, the following main purposes, in force today:


To promote and disseminate Galician gastronomy and everything related to it, through printed, oral, and visual media and other existing or future dissemination systems.


To promote, support and create the necessary infrastructure so that the tourist attraction based on Galician gastronomy becomes more and more effective and attractive.


To promote and sponsor the professional level of all its associates and to collaborate with other associations, centers, and collectives in everything that means an improvement in the elaboration and promotion of Galician gastronomy.


To carry out activities, either directly or in collaboration with other entities and associations, for the improvement, promotion, and dissemination of Galician cuisine.